Hi my name is Armelle,
I think I would be a good
JSC captain because
I am good at organising
Fun and exciting Events.

I would love to raise as much
Money as I can to charity’s
that need it.

I am confident
To talk in front of assembly
As well as designing more
fun programs And activities
you guys Will definitely enjoy.

I will always represent Apollo
In a good And a sensible
Environment to be as
Well as being 100%
Committed into
What I am doing.

I am an organised
Learner and work hard
To whatever work
I am doing

I will include everyone
With whatever work
I am doing
Most of all I will
Take the time to listen to
Other ideas that my peers
Have to make school a exiting
And interesting environment
To be.

Thanks for listening I hope
You will vote for me because
I think I would make a good
JSC leader and I would
Be mature and respect
The class rules

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