Hey, my name is Armelle and Welcome to my blog! This blog will be all about my different school work for, English, math, productions, art and more… I will also be doing netball, fashion and glamour. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Hi my name is Armelle,
I think I would be a good
JSC captain because
I am good at organising
Fun and exciting Events.

I would love to raise as much
Money as I can to charity’s
that need it.

I am confident
To talk in front of assembly
As well as designing more
fun programs And activities
you guys Will definitely enjoy.

I will always represent Apollo
In a good And a sensible
Environment to be as
Well as being 100%
Committed into
What I am doing.

I am an organised
Learner and work hard
To whatever work
I am doing

I will include everyone
With whatever work
I am doing
Most of all I will
Take the time to listen to
Other ideas that my peers
Have to make school a exiting
And interesting environment
To be.

Thanks for listening I hope
You will vote for me because
I think I would make a good
JSC leader and I would
Be mature and respect
The class rules

On the 27th of October 5R and 5O went to Victorian space science education centre (vssec).

We can to the excursion because of our inquiry about science/space. At mission control we made sure that the astronauts had no problem. At the end of the mission, there was a problem with our technology, so we had to tell the people on the rocket to quickly escape from the space ship then we swapped over and had a really cool experience by doing experiments, and we had this really cool way of communicating with the other people for the mission control.

I had the head set, that meant I could communicate by talking. My partner was: Adam, on the head set, and Liam, Finn and Alex on the texting. We also got to experiment on space rocks and water, all people got different experiments to do, I was sharing with Selina

The Montmorency secondary college production of “Happy days” was a great show! It’s stage was cool, it always had different equipment each time! The microphone quality, could be better because it kept on squeaking. I think there could be better costumes because they were all very similar. Their acting is ok, but I think that they need a bit more practice on what they are going to say because they kept on saying the wrong thing. I think that there could be a bit more practice on their singing but at times their singing was pretty good!! Overall I rate “Happy days” production 4/10. For the first time I think they did a great job, and I think they can work their way up to 10/10 if they have a bit more practice.

Written by Armelle Perry

Dear nillumbik

My name is Mal and I am 11 years old, and I live in Greensborough. I am writing to you because there is a tree in my back yard. The tree is very big so the tree might fall on my house or in my pool, because it is a very thick tree, the tree might hurt us. The tree is in our back yard and it belongs to the local government, so we cannot cut it down!

Therefore my request is that you can cut this tree down so this will definitely NOT harm us.

Kind regards Armelle

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